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Category: Operations
Location: Granby

Job Summary

Under the responsibility of the Production Supervisor, the line Operator ensures the efficiency and proper functioning of operations from the start of the production line to the end. The Operator is responsible for his production line and must ensure a constant presence.


Main Responsibilities



Perform and verify the operations of the various equipment in the bottling line

Check the proper functioning of the production line

Responsible for "set-ups" on the production line

Perform basic maintenance and basic cleaning on production equipment and the production room

Respect the product and customer description sheets

Ensure product quality

Responsible for providing the line with the necessary equipment

Ensure constant communication with other production, maintenance and shipping/warehouse and QC functions.

Responsible for documentation related to production

Staff coordination

Supervise and coordinate daily workers

Check that personnel comply with HACCP / BRC standards

Check the correct training of day labourers



Perform work according to SST and HACCP standards

Keep the workplace clean and safe

Involvement in continuous improvement initiatives

Perform other related duties


Qualifications and Experiences Required

Professional diploma as operator of industrial machines or equivalent experience;

Mastery of HACCP standards;

Knowledge of BRC standards an asset;

Experience in the food sector;


Responsible and reliable;


Follow work methods;


Good communicator;


Support the decisions of his superiors;

Participate and support all new improvements;

Full and total collaboration with superiors;

Good judgment;

Support the management of OSH and HACCP / BRC.


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