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Attendant in the baking room

Category: Operations
Location: Granby

Job Summary

Under the supervision of the production supervisor, the baking room attendant controls the cooking of syrup recipes according to customer specifications and the company's quality standards. The cook must supply the production lines with the required syrup.

Main Responsibilities



Prepare, arrange and plan the work tools according to the production of the day in order to work as efficiently as possible;

Light the basins on the production lines;

Heat the syrup;

Take different tests (light rate and brix);

Take note of the weekly order list;

Prepare recipes/mixes according to production orders;

Choose the right grade of syrup;

Apply diatomaceous earth as necessary to ......;

Control tank temperatures and presses;

Perform various tests (light transmission, sugar level, temperature verification) in collaboration with the quality control department;

Perform required calculations and adjustments (brix, light, temperatures);

Fill out various documents (basin control sheet, diatomaceous earth, different tests);

Print various documents (pallet sheets, basin control sheet and others);

Clean the presses, filters and basins;

Transfer the basin syrup at the request of the supervisor;

Send water to the evening production line;

Assist the operator on duty in some of his duties;

Collaborate with the quality control department;

Work as a team with other departments and work colleagues;

Respect the different standards of company accreditations (BRC, HACCP and others);

Respect the specifications and standards of different customers;

Respect safe working standards and procedures;

Participate in OSH prevention by communicating dangerous situations;

Keep the production site clean and safe.

Qualifications and Experiences Required

Secondary V;

Good dexterity;

Good coordination;

Autonomous, responsible;

Ability to manage pressure, calm nature;

Mathematical skills;

Mechanical and logical skills;

Concentration ability;

Good physical condition;

Knowledge of Microsoft Office;

Training in safe forklift driving;


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